The best technology in 2012

The flagship Samsung Galaxy S III ahead of competitors from Nokia, Apple, and LG and was named model of the year. Lenovo’s managed to collect an impressive crop of awards in the category of notebooks. In the laptop category, with a minimum separation has won 15 Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The undisputed leader in the number of awards has become a Korean corporation Samsung: it won 11 out of 43 possible awards. In addition, the leaders decided in 2012 in the categories of TVs, laptops, tablets, cameras and video equipment, as well as mobile operators and retail chains. The third annual awards up to 2012 a total of over 300 thousand users from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus.
53cf07f7b073156f8403fca62f25Experts project Hi-Tech Mail.Ru holds the award “Best Gadget of the Year” according to Runet users for the third time. From the mass of interesting technical devices 2012 edition has selected the most notable innovations, allowing users to choose the best. Determine that they can be in 6 categories: mobile phones, laptops, tablets, TVs, photo and video, design, the other. Only to participate in the awards were nominated 112 devices as well as mobile operators and retail chains. Voting took place from 24 December 2012 to 31 January 2013 inclusive. Any visitor was able to vote in each category once. The turnout of more than 300 thousand respondents.

49c62016177d4f549c494c09142aModel of the year in the category of smart phones has become Samsung Galaxy S III (37% of voters), that is predictable: only the first 100 days of the world’s smartphone sales were sold 20 million copies. In second place with a margin of 8% of the vote to be a technological flagship Nokia Lumia 920 (29%). Iconic Apple iPhone 5 is located only at the third position (28%). Smartphone LG Nexus 4 to 6% of the vote had to settle for the last place.
In “Mobile operating system” is traditionally by far the winner was a new version of OS Android 4.2 (55%). OS Windows Phone 8 (22%) at the end 2012 proved popular Apple iOS 6 (19%), and moved up from third to second place in comparison with the results of 2011.
In the notebook segment model of the year with a minimum margin of a competitor was found laptop Apple MacBook Pro 15 with Retina Display (39%). In a tough battle with a leader who holds the first place for years, laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga had to yield. Won the title of best ultrabook ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A , beating model Samsung Series 9 new 900X3C only 1% of the vote.
b8223a76f43c0b236ff6265402d5The clear leader in tablets with a crushing majority of votes again began production of Apple: the title of the model year (46%) went to the 4th Generation Apple iPad , and the undisputed leader of the 7-inch tablet was Apple iPad Mini (49%). In the category Best 10-inch Apple tablet product yielded the palm to Samsung Galaxy Note 1.10 (34%). Best Windows 8 tablet, exactly half of the respondents called Microsoft Surface , which determined his victory in the category. In terms of price and capabilities of the tablet was the best ASUS Pad Transformer TF300 (50%).
f3b51c2bd19e28160615fe10c322The best cameras Runet users still believe Canon (model year and the best SLR camera, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III ). Nomination mirrorless camera users choice fell on the machine Sony NEX-six (28%). Recall that last year was the leader of the camera Sony NEX-5N. With a huge margin of 25% of votes compact camera Sony RX100 (54%), far ahead of rival category Panasonic Lumix LX7 (29%). Recognized as the most innovative product of the Samsung Galaxy Camera running Android. Nova failed by a wide margin to bypass even full-frame compact from Sony – model RX1. Best price and features, according to Runet, the camera of Samsung EX2F. The title of best camcorder again goes to Sony: NEX-VG30E model was able to collect 43% of the votes.
e0f1896d79f8ffa60d5f50392482In the fight for the title of best TV in a given category, as well as last year, almost a complete monopoly in Samsung. Russians have the best product of this brand in four categories – Model of the Year ( Samsung ES8000 – 58%), the best LCD-TV ( Samsung ES8000 – 32%), the best plasma television (Samsung Plasma E8000 – 49%) and the Innovation of the Year ( Samsung UE75ES9007 – 51%). But in terms of price and features was leading TV LG LM860V (51%).

Not ignored and the most beautiful gadgets of the year. Design awards in the category of smartphones went to Nokia Lumia 920 – 53% of the votes in its category. The most attractive laptop again consider product from Acer: the results of 2012 the winner was Acer Aspire S7 – 40%, while last year won a laptop Acer Iconia – 44%. Exterior aesthetics tablet Microsoft Surface secured his lead with 40% of votes. TV was the most beautiful model from the company Samsung ES8000 with 58% of votes.

64fcb75a55f37fe749485e5c5e7aIn the category for best operator has won this time “MegaFon” include the company 38% of the users prefer. Leader 2011 – MTS – 2012 went up to the second place (34% of voters). “Beeline” with 27% of the vote has closed three. As for retailers, here is leading “The Messenger” (26%), followed by “M. Video” (20%), and the third is the “Media Markt” (12%).

The full results of the statistics award “Best Gadget 2012 to Runet version” can be found on page ballot .

“In the process of voting between gadgets nominees developed this fight, and win some devices was not obvious to the last second vote. For example, the model Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga nearly pressed 15 MacBook Pro with Retina Display in the category, the model of laptop. But at the last moment the product Apple have succeeded in winning over the balance by just a few hundred votes. No less acute struggle occurred between transformers Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga and Sony Vaio Duo 11, but here with a margin just a dozen votes won product Lenovo. Had to be overcome and laptops – for the title of best price and device capabilities: in the last seconds of voting Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3 tore the palm of Samsung Series 5 Ultra 530U3B. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy III won a landslide victory of smartphones, Nokia and ahead of long-awaited iPhone 5. The success of the Korean manufacturer entirely predictable given the aggressive marketing strategies and increased activity in the information field,  In general, according to the results of voting Runet users, the Korean giant has made ​​in 2012, the most successful. Samsung’s got 11 out of 43 awards in categories such as smartphones (3) plates (1) Cameras (2) TV (4) and design TV (1). “

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